The sacred battle flag finally closed the picture game Raiders

How did the sacred battle flag finally pass? In the game, the friends will go to the final chapter, and the opening will see the fort. So how can I use it in a few rounds to get through? The following is a small version of the graphic game to play through the Raiders, do not know, hurry up and see it!   At first I saw that the fort was still very tangled. I even wanted to use the artillery to open the skills and play slowly, but I didn’t have to take the guns in the middle. They didn’t fire too much.   The cavalry and the emperor went straight to the top and almost no blood. The left lower enemy ambush was almost instantly killed with a sniper and a sniper plus the first round of re-movement.   The left side of the second round can be slammed by the Luo’s skill and then pushed forward.   The upper left BOSS two heavy cavalry each smashed a big direct second. Those scum squadrons were heavy and the cavalry was basically zero. . Then take the emperor to the middle of the road to clean up the fort.   On the right side of the map, I feel that I have nothing to say. The cavalry can speed up to the opposite light infantry. The enemy line sniper sniper and our army detachment can kill. Insufficient damage can be used by artillery to fight enemy light infantry. The heroine hit the enemy line to make up for the damage. .   The rightmost boss, my army cavalry and sniper, scattered soldiers. Any 2-3 places, you can go up in that round for a big move. I first hooked out the small soldiers around the BOSS under the shield, and went to the BOSS from the right side.   The middle BOSS looks very hard and hardly eats normal attack damage. However, because of the restraint of the arms, the sniper smashed two big ones, and the second round could also be seconds. The soldiers can use the artillery to open up the control and let them wait for our troops to arrive.   It feels like a big move, just like this, then this is a simple difficulty, or you can SL, just play cool, the general difficulty can not SL.   After the customs clearance, a static CG is placed, and then there is no STAFF list. After that, the original characters were painted with a short paragraph to illustrate the ending of the protagonists. Can’t you make it dynamic? I guess there is no money, and the ending picture is a bit simplistic.

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