Wonder Festival 2019

At today’s Wonder Festival 2019 in Shanghai, 3A teamed up with Hasbro to bring DLX proportional collection Optimus Prime. This hand-made styling comes from the “Bumblebee” movie released this year. The combination of G1 Optimus Prime and the original design of the film is simply the role of the film. According to the official introduction of this hand to sell for 1380 yuan, the release time is not fixed. Let’s take a look at the official map released by 3A and the live maps brought by foreign media tformers: According to the WF2019 on-site display panel, the DLX series is designed with a small proportion and high cost performance. With the uniquely designed alloy skeleton, it not only improves the mobility, but also greatly enhances the feel and texture when playing. The Optimus Prime has a full height of about 11.2 inches, with precise engraving details and mechanical structure, 53 movable joints, LED lighting functions and die-cast metal parts. Product material: ABS, PVC, POM, zinc alloy. Features: · Hasbro and TakaraTomy officially authorized; · Full height is about 11.2 inches (28.45 cm); · 53 movable joints; · Die-cast metal parts; · LED eye light function*. Accessories include: · An Ion Blaster · Four pairs of interchangeable hand types: fist, relax, open and weapon-specific hand ·A left hand command hand type ·An adjustable angled display platform ·AG13 button battery x 2 (product does not include battery)

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