Rumors that the Yake system will release the “Godzilla War King Kong” game

Recently, players on foreign social networking sites broke the news, and the developer Arc System Works may announce a new 2D fighting game with the theme of “Godzilla War King Kong” at E3. Will be on PS4, Xbox One and PC platform. Ranger The broketer also listed the list of monsters participating in the battle, basically from the film image in the history of the series. Ranger “Godzilla War King Kong” is the fourth film of the legendary film “Monster Movie Universe”, which tells the story of the end of humanity as the alien monsters set foot on the earth. In order to avoid extinction, humans did not hesitate to let the two monsters Godzilla and King Kong fight against each other for “internal digestion”, but the emperor organization found the birthplace of the monster and discovered the secret of the origin of these Titan behemoths. The gathering area is the root of these secrets. It is most suitable for the living of the Titans. It can be said that they are hotbeds. The conflict between the two sides is on the verge. Ranger As for the rumored “Godzilla War King Kong” fighting game is true or false, and may soon get the answer next week.

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