Dawn killing ghost face skill effect analysis

Dawn killing is currently exposed to a brand new butcher, Chinese name translation grimace killer, from the name to listen to it is very cool! So what special skills do he have? Here is the effect analysis of this ghost face butcher, do not understand, come and pay attention!    The special ability of the Grimace Killer:     NIGHT SHROUD (Hug of the Night)    When launched, the threat range is 0 but it can move at high speed. You can stare at the survivor. After 4 seconds, the survivor will not be able to defend during 20 seconds.    3 intrinsic ability values I’M ALL YEARS (Hell’s Ear)    The breath energy of survivors who emit noise outside the threat range can be marked for 6 seconds.    THRILLING TREMORS (Trembling)    The generator in the unrepaired state is sealed for 16 seconds when the survivor or the captured survivor is lifted.    FURTIVE CHASE (hidden tracking)    Strengthen the ability to track the survival of a survivor.

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